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Office furniture engineering case-Foshan South China Intelligent Robot Innovation Research Institute

Announcer:Juou    Time:2020-3-27 8:46:24

    Temperament requires both internal and external repair. This is true for one person and for a sofa. The waiting area at the front desk is S-6018 sofa. The black top layer leather material has a delicate texture, which is stable and yet friendly.

The reception room uses the JO-3092 negotiation table and the S-6023 lounge chair. The materials are natural, comfortable and environmentally friendly, and the colors are elegant, giving a feeling of returning to nature.

    The research and development room uses the JO-6061 desk + JO-4047 screen workstation, a large area of peach wood + parrot green color, bright colors, and office add too much fun. Powerful storage space makes work even more powerful

  The round tube series that has been attracting much attention has also been perfectly used here. Simple and stylish round pins freely combine various beautiful scenes such as manager desks, staff seats, and conference tables. , The connotation has been interpreted and sublimated again.

JO-3003B conference table is used in the conference area. The ebony relief material is decorated with leather texture, which is rigorous but not incompatible. A wise resolution was passed here so happily.

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